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A story four friends who are planning to make a Death Metal Band, and soon they embark on their hilarious journey to get their fame and fortune.Mario Louis is the writer of the story,we get the chance to have  a conversation with him. Here are some questions we asked him-

7)Your story is perfectly showing the strength of  friendship, is the characters inspired by real life?

Yes. I was inspired to create characters based on the people that had been in my life then and now. Hard working folks with dreams and kindness. It’s super special to be here now with Time telling a story that puts all of those personalities together for the ultimate dream chase.

8)A story is a backbone of any movie. Would you like share with us how difficult it is portray a vision which can simply attract the viewers?

Crafting a story is exactly that. All the elements that go in to telling a story that has a beginning,a middle,and an end come from everyday life. Experiencing every day  and all the activities that occur and combining that element with people from every walk of life can be an endless journey. Creating new stories from your own creativity is like discovering a new planet inside that galaxy inside you. Anything is possible as long as you know where you’re going. Have that reason to tell a story. All will fall in to place.

9)We would end our conversation by asking you,When will audience can see “TIME” as a movie? Is there will be another part of it ?

The script is in festivals till 2022 still. I have written the second episode already and would like to begin filming either the tv show or movie or both by 2025 or so. That’s plenty of time.  I hope you get it.

The show has many possibilities,but to stay focused on what’s going on right now is super important. Like to rush it would suck. So I want to be patient and let it be what it is right now,which is a little tiny script kicking major film festival booty.

1)Music, fun, friendship, struggle of plague like pandemic situation, the story seems very realistic. How  did you plan to make a story on this?

The story came from my  jamming days and from my thoughts during those times. I have put all that together with an idea of family and friends, and their dreams. A story of joy and fun and happiness. Different aspects, characters and their  struggle are making the story stand out and realistic .

2)There is an impact of music in your story, is there any special reason behind it?

Yes, definitely. Music is a way to express,to feel,to see,to interpret,and much much more. I played heavy metal in 8 different bands. All different styles, but rock and roll and heavy metal was the common ground in all of them. The people came from all kinds of different backgrounds, and music was that connection. An artistic expression really come to life. Really different from stage and screen. Music is so involved with my life,Maybe this little influence has reflected in my story.

3)Will you use real iconic band, if a movie ever made on your story?

Ideally to have the band come to life from musicians I have jammed with or watched live and said thanks too would be amazing. That’s part of the fun of the show. The characters play the music and they are musicians from metal bands. You can’t fake fun. Plus having cameos  from bands would be awesome as well. Obituary, Weedeater, Soulfly, Echoes Of Fallen, Angel Massacre, Dimmu Borgir and other bands from the metal scene of the world.

4)When did you start your journey as a writer? What is your favorite genre?

I started writing at The University Of New Mexico with my teacher Michael Amundsen like in 2014 or so. Michael is a huge mentor,friend,inspiration. Michael had a screenplay writing class that I took because I was really interested in writing screenplays. Pandemic hit and I couldn’t go any where,so I turned on the computer and sat down and wrote Time. Like it took me a while to write it,but I saved it instantly as it was, unedited,and immediately started submitting the script in to festivals. I really wanted to see what my peers thought of my work. Comedy is my favorite genre. I love laughing.

5) In the story, it has been shown that the four friends are trying to sell their concert tickets to make it successful. As an artist what is the definition of success according to you, a room full of crowd screaming your name or a critical acclamation?

As an artist,success is having created a body of work that can be appreciated and understood by all. No left outs at all. You helped create this one guy or girl in the back of the crowd dreaming to be on stage.You know who you are.

6)The story is hilarious yet has strong concept which is showing whatever the situation is, you have to look forward and try your best. Do you think audience can resemble themselves with the story, as everyone is going through the same tension?

Yes, The story is about driven,motivated,positive people. There is a definite tie there to the audience because the show is about succeeding in life. The ups and downs,and the way we always make something better for the next generation.Black shirts and funny looking logos aside,metal heads are some of the kindest,sweetest people in the entire world too. Just saying. As if you all didn’t know already.

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